Advanced course

Learn to trade without relying on stop losses

'I'm sick and tired of giving up all my profits when shares drop back to their stop losses and I have to sell at a loss.  It's been happening a lot lately and so now I sell when I hit my price targets and I'm going to teach you how to do it too. And you will start trading with me as soon as you enrol in the course.'

In Alan's advanced course you will be trading & managing shares using his newsletters, individual trading opportunities he suggests and any trading opportunities that you or any other participants come up with.

Advanced Trading course

It's the best value ever and the most flexible terms ever. It's  ideal for anyone who wants to manage their own SMSF through to those who want to be full time share traders. It includes access to all my newsletters and ALAN HULL TV. 

"You will spend 4 full days with me learning to trade shares
in real time...enjoying great company, great food and having fun."
Alan Hull, April 2017

If you are managing your own self-managed superannuation fund or you want to become a full-time, work from home share trader then this course is for you. We will be trading/investing in anything from blue chip shares to penny dreadfuls, on both a daily and weekly basis. And you will also learn to profit in both a rising and falling market using derivatives. 

Included with this course is access to all Alan's newsletters and ALAN HULL TV. Click below for more information on these services...

The 4 day Advanced course curriculum

From the time you enrol in the course you will start to share trading signals with me. This will engender discussion on trading tactics and chart analysis. In particular, you will learn how to set price targets, rather than rely on stop losses to manage your trades. This process will also be augmented by ALANHULL TV where you can submit weekly trade suggestions.

During the course you will trade in real time using my newsletters and ALAN HULL TV trade suggestions. I will also be telling you exactly what I'm doing in the Stockmarket and I will want you to come up with your own trade suggestions as well. And you will learn the advanced stuff...from how to build your own custom trading system through to complexity theory.

  • Theory stream 1 - Understanding and designing trading systems
  • Theory stream 2 - Pattern recognition for setting entry/exit price targets  NEW 
  • Theory stream 3 - Understanding financial markets as complex adaptive systems
  • Theory stream 4 - Understanding the U.S. and the Global monetary system
  • Theory stream 5 - Understanding individualism versus collectivism

Classes are held in Melbourne starting 25th of August 2017 , see dates in right side panel

And you will be trading in real time...with other people's money. This is the bit where it gets really interesting because you will decide what shares to trade and how to trade them. It's all about employing the right tactic at the right time and that's what the advanced theory is all about.

The total cost of this course is $2,950 and, due to logistical requirements, it can only be held in Melbourne. Interstate attendees can stay at the conveniently located Punt Hill Apartments which are situated almost directly opposite the venue. We supply everything so you just have to bring along your smile
  • Our usual 'no questions asked' 100% money-back guarantee applies
  • Pay the full amount when you enrol or pay over 3 months (@$1,000/month)
  • Flexible make-up classes in case you have to miss one - in person or via Skype

"This course is amazing value as it includes
all of my newsletters and ALAN HULL TV"
Alan Hull, April 2017

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