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Introducing my new ETF Top 10 portfolio service

...identifying the most profitable Exchange Traded Funds

Alan Hull's ETF Top 10 Portfolio service

Exchange Traded Funds, commonly known as ETFs, are being used more and more by Australian investors as the core of their portfolios. And they are providing excellent returns with superior diversification. But there are a lot of products and a lot of misinformation for investors to sift through. So I have developed my new ETF Top 10 portfolio service, available from next month.

I do all the sifting for you, identifying the top 10 most profitable (and safest) ETFs and then you use the top 3 ETFs from this list to create the core of your portfolio. What's more, I update the ETF Top 10 portfolio every week so you aren't caught napping. And I'll bet you didn't know that right now Australian index ETFs are slightly superior in terms of total return to U.S. index ETFs.

That's because Australian companies pay larger dividends than U.S. companies. To find out more interesting facts about ETFs please click the link below to request a free article on ETFs and join our early bird list for the ETF Top 10 portfolio service. You'll receive a 5% discount on your first year's subscription, and be under absolutely no obligation to subscribe anyway.

Expect to see more ETFs being released in 2017 and to hear a lot more about them...but know that understanding and dealing with them just got a lot easier.

*The ETF Top 10 Portfolio service will be priced inline with our other premium blue chip strategies, the ASX Top 10 and the Blue Chip Report.

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