Investing with Alan Hull 2023

As soon as you enrol you'll start receiving our premium Platinum subscription and have acccess to all the online content. And we want you to share this opportunitiy with your family...

Invest with Alan you only have to pay $3,000 and you can enrol another family member for just $1,000.

I'll mentor you throughout the year and you'll get to see what investments I'm buying and selling.

And every investor is different...with different aspirations, knowledge and experience. So I will spend as much time as you need, mentoring you one-on-one.

You will find all of the dates, times, locations and terms & conditions in the attached application form. And we have makeup materials in case you can't make every class.

You'll get our platinum subscription worth $1,995 per year as soon as you enrol. So the sooner you get started the more value you'll receive.

Course curriculum

This course is a combination of all my existing courses, which makes it the most comprehensive curriculum that we have ever offered. And please don't be intimidated by it as you can take whatever you want from this course and leave the rest. But know that we have catered for all levels of expertise...

  • Technical analysis
  • Risk and money management
  • ActVest newsletter interactive workshop
  • Break Out Trading interactive workshop
  • Active Trading interactive workshop
  • Blue Chip Report workshop
  • ALANHULL TV workshop
  • Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds
  • Income shares - how to identify & manage them
  • Financial planning and wealth management
  • Asset allocation (including property) and capital allocation
  • Short selling, including how to hedge income shares
  • Introduction and the history of the U.S. Stockmarkets
  • Trading U.S. Stockmarkets, how they differ from the ASX
  • Buying & selling U.S. stocks using the Interactive Brokers platform
  • Psychology - understanding your old and new brains
  • Understanding and designing trading systems
  • Understanding financial markets as complex adaptive systems
  • Trading & investing in financial markets using CAS analysis
  • Introduction to the U.S./global monetary system
  • Individualism versus collectivism - the political dimension

Investing in Property

  • Asset allocation and financial structures (property in your SMSF)
  • Which properties to buy for income and which to buy for growth
  • Property trends - how to exploit them, anticipating future trends
  • Positive gearing - negative gearing - neutral gearing
  • Finance - where to get it, when to get it and how to get it
  • Buying right is critical for success - along with timing & location
  • Understanding that land appreciates and buildings depreciate
  • Residential property - houses, townhouses, apartments
  • Commercial property - retail, office, factories, warehouses
  • Investing in land - speculation, building, dual occupancy
  • Targeting different types of buyers - immigrants, retirees, etc
  • Dealing with experts - builders, developers, renovators, advocates
  • What you need to consider when creating your property investment plan

Classes are held in Melbourne and Brisbane starting in March 2023.

  • Our usual 'no questions asked' 100% money-back guarantee applies

If you have further questions about this course then please email Alan directly by clicking here.

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