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Have you heard of Nike? Starbucks? Amazon? Major blue chip stocks traded in the U.S. are often household names around the world.

Alan has applied his 'Top 10 Portfolio' growth strategy to the U.S market.

To create the US Top 10 portfolio Alan is using a combination of the Dow Jones index's and the NASDAQ 100 index's constituent shares. From this pool of slightly less than 130 stocks he then applies strict technical criteria for identifying rising trends. This distills the universe of 130 stocks down into the 10 fastest rising stocks, across a medium term timeframe. Using this information Alan emails his subscribers a weekly set of instructions telling them which shares to buy, hold and sell.

Below are the comparative performance figures over the past 6 calendar years. These results are capital growth only and therefore exclude distributions and the cost of brokerage.

Annual performance figures
Year U.S. Top 10 Portfolio NASDAQ Dow Jones
2012 36.7% 15.9% 7.3%
2013 42.7% 38.3% 26.5%
2014 32.3% 13.8% 7.5%
2015 34.5% 5.4% -3.4%
2016 4.3% 7.5% 13.4%
2017 28.4% 28.2% 24.4%
2018 0.3% -3.9% -5.6%

Caution: Simulated or “back-tested” results are not actual results. These results were obtained in a vacuum and not subject to forces and events that could have altered the results. We recommend you consider these result along with all other relevant matters before engaging with this product. 

The past performance of this product is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. This product, like all other financial products, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect future performance.

Typically, Alan's US top 10 portfolio is made up of high liquidity stocks, and whilst we can’t show you the current portfolio here are the 10 shares from early 2014:

Example of a US Top 10 Portfolio from early 2014

  • UNH (United Health)
  • EA (Electronic Arts)
  • MAT (Mattel)
  • KO (Coca-cola)
  • AAPL (Apple)
  • CSCO (Cisco Systems)
  • GE (General Electric)
  • V (Visa)
  • PFE (Pfizer)
  • GRMN (Garmin)

The portfolio is actively managed by Alan and you'll receive weekly instructions via an email telling you what to do – of course, most of the time you will have to do nothing. Below is the content of a typical weekly email.

Typical email with specific, brief instructions

  •  Instructions: NO CHANGE

ASX Top 10 Portfolio: Typical email

When there is a buy/sell instruction it will be very straight forward. For example:

  • Instructions: Sell PFE at position 9 and buy LNKD

Or you may have to hold cash:

  • Instructions: Sell PFE at position 9 and hold cash

The ability to sell down to cash is extremely critical in volatile market conditions. So if an event were to occur similar to the 2008 GFC, Alan would signal to sell down to cash just like he did back in late 2007.

As the portfolio is made up of leading blue chip shares but the currency rates may impact performance in Australian dollars, the strategy is low to medium risk. 

  • The portfolio includes highly liquid, large capitalization blue chip shares that commonly pay distributions
  • The US Top 10 Portfolio will sell down to cash in the event of a broad market downturn  


How do I purchase U.S. stocks?

We can help with this with either a full-service broker or an online trading platform. Please contact us for further details.

What's the minimum starting capital required?

Using a discount broker, Alan recommends no less than $50,000. This is because the cost of the service itself and brokerage fees would seriously hamper your returns if you were to invest any less than this. 

Will there be distributions and what should I do with them?

The stocks in the portfolio are selected from the Dow Jones index and NASDAQ 100 index and typically pay distributions (albeit U.S. distributions are typically less than Australian dividends). Whether you decide to cash in the distributions or reinvest is an individual choice where the tax implications should be discussed with your accountant or tax advisor.

Do I buy all the shares in the portfolio straight away?

Definitely no. Each week you will receive an email with a list of ten shares and an action for each share. The action could be to 'Buy', 'Buy/Hold' or just 'Hold'. You must follow these instructions which will change from week to week.

Will I be trading every week?

Definitely no. The average holding time is more than one year and therefore, you won't even be trading every month. You can expect less than 10 trades per year during normal market conditions. Where a trade is considered to be one sell plus one buy instruction.

"Sign up now for step-by-step portfolio management"
Alan Hull, August 2016

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