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Alan Hull uses and recommends JustData

Last Updated January, 2017

Just Data is an Australian owned company that provides end-of-day stock Market data and technical  analysis software for traders and private investors, since 1989.

The data is delivered to your computer by way of JustData’s BodhiGold software program. BodhiGold is easy to install and compatible with numerous data formats, including EzyChart, Metastock and AsciiCsv allowing the user to update one or more charting, portfolio management or analysis programs, at the same time, for no extra cost.

Data Range:

JustData offers the most comprehensive range of market data for the ASX, US, LSE and all major Asian and European exchanges. Its scope extends to World Futures/Commodities and Forex.

Data Maintenance:

Adjusted data: Adjustment events are automatically applied to the historical database of all Stock Market Exchanges covered by JustData. Adjustment events include:-

-  Name/code changes

-  Adding new codes and removing codes that have been delisted.

-  Stock splits, demergers, capital returns, Dividends  etc

Unadjusted data: If you require your database to be unadjusted then it is easy to configure BodhiGold to not apply some or all adjustment events.

Why BodhiGold?

-  Extensive Historical database on over 150 world exchanges

-  Updates one or more charting programs - saving you in data fees.

-  Updates the data automatically at the same time each day or just click on the “CatchUp” button.

-  Choose to remove or keep de-listed codes on your database for further analysis.

-  Clean, reliable and timely data updates. 

Trial BodhiGold 

BodhiGold has a no obligation free trial that runs for 30 days. Trial it with your current charting program or if you don’t have a charting program trial it along with EzyProfessional (click the link below to go directly to the BodhiGold Trial page on JustData's website).

Yes I wish to trial.