Market Commentary for January 2019

"The School of St Jude and 2019... "

By Alan Hull

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During the festive season trading volumes around the world dry up and market behaviour can become erratic and misleading. Therefore any detailed analysis I do right now is potentially erroneous. So other than saying that global stockmarkets are generally wobbly (putting it mildly), I'm going to use this opportunity to talk about another topic I'm very passionate

And I'm not referring to the stuff that I do but using education to end poverty in Africa, such is the mission of the School of St Jude in Tanzania. My company ActVest has been a keen sponsor of St Jude's for many years and of all the investments I've ever made, this would have to be the best one. I also love to promote the school's work to others as they are always welcoming new sponsors.

If you would like to find out more about the School of St Judes then check out these links...

But here's the really cool part. All the children who attend St Jude's are strongly encouraged to show their gratitude in the future by donating a small proportion of their income back to the school. So the children who's education I am paying for now, will take over my role as a sponsor in years to come. It's a brilliant self sustaining model and one that I'm very happy to be contributing to.

Now a quick overview of what you can expect in 2019 from both the markets and me. And the situation is pretty Stockmarkets are in the late stages of a volatile & sideways period (that spanned all of 2018) and are now leaning to the downside. So I am in cash and ready to hedge my long term holdings & profit by short selling. And these are just some of the tactics & skills I will be teaching in my 2019 course.

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