Here is some feedback from our clients

“I want to thank you for a fantastic class last Saturday. I found the content perfectly relevant, neither too basic nor too beyond me. The weekly simulated exercise was a useful illustration and I now feel much more confident getting started. But most of all, you’re a lot of fun, keeping us all interested, engaged and even laughing! It was a great day and I appreciate all the effort you put into your preparation and organization.”

Natalie W
April 2016

“Alan’s education style has the ability to demystify the art of investing and trading in shares. His no-nonsense approach and comfortable language gives a clear understanding of share movement within the stock market, identifying classes of shares and the different strategies employed for every variety of trades from long-term investing short-term trading. I have found Alan’s classes and Newsletters invaluable and he and his staff are always prompt to answer any queries.”

Karyn B
SW Gippsland
May 2015

“I would just like to say what a great, productive day I had at the DIY Wealth Management course yesterday. I look forward to the next session. You kept things moving along at a lively and interactive way, it keeps us all on our toes. Great to meet some great participants. Thanks heaps.”

Alec B
Port Stephens
April 2015

“Alan has taught me the basis of my share trading education - and it was from his guiding tuition that I have leapfrogged to my current share trading knowledge and participation in the share market. I read his newsletters each week and find them a great source of information and direction.”

Maria T
February 2015


I've just watched yesterday's show. Congratulations - by far the best one yet.

I am finding this show [ALAN HULL TV] to be the most valuable resource I follow. It gives very clear advice and most importantly the teaching you are doing is invaluable."

Barry T
September 2014

"Over many years I've been a constant consumer of investment information, books, and subscriptions. I didn't know it at the time, but my search for strategy ended in March 2006. A very, very profitable 18 months followed. More importantly, based on what Alan has taught me since that time, I have managed to maintain my capital. Preparation and adaptation to whatever market conditions lie ahead has been a most important and powerful tool that Alan has taught his subscribers and students and me!

I shouldn't let a day go by without thanking him for the knowledge."

John S
August 2014

“Alan Hull will continue to be my only trading mentor. He trains you to utilize technical analysis on the global market with a very strong historical perspective, then breaks it down to industry groups and finally to shares that are trending on the ASX. Alan Hull equips you will all the tools you need to trade, and takes away unnecessary tools which will only clutter your mind. Alan teaches the psychology of the trader and of trading. Finally, he makes it so intrinsically exciting that you will always want more."

Khayyam M
August 2014

“I can’t recommend Alan Hull and his services highly enough! Alan is very down-to-earth in his approach and will teach at any level – from beginners to advanced. His material is easy to read – both in the courses and in the weekly newsletters."

Clare M
August 2014

"I must say, the [ALAN HULL TV] stocks you have looked at are doing very well – thank you.  I now own 11 of your recommendations, although 3 were ones I already owned and 2 came from ActTrade.  If you keep doing so well, I will become very frustrated by the 10 trades / 10% of capital requirement!    Congratulations…"

S. Hempel
July 2014

"I have been buying on your ALAN HULL TV recommendations and wanted to share the results with you. SIR and MNF are rocketing along - CGF, DTL, and MIN are going along nicely - GUD, SGH, and SKT are a bit slow but are starting to look up now. I know it is early days but my buys on your recommendation are looking strong."

M. O’Connor
July 2014

"Great way to do a well-presented course, lets you do it when you have time. The content was excellent and will be used as reference material often. Many thanks..."

Phil L
April 2014

"I have just completed your 6 week home study course and I would like to thank you for putting together a simple yet powerful instructional program. I have been trading on and off for many years and have made all the usual mistakes. Since retiring 2 years ago I have found myself drifting into a lethargy that made me unable to 'pull the trigger' both on the buy and the sell. Thus missing good trades and holding poor ones. Your course has 'forced ' me to get my brain back into gear, don't complicate things and stick to some rules."

Jeff C
Wagga Wagga
March 2014


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